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Sitting at the feet of Jesus

by Mike Vandermause on April 28, 2020

In the story of Mary and Martha in Luke 10: 38-42, we learn about the importance of stopping in the midst of fear, worry and anxiousness and sitting at the feet of Jesus.

Here are key points from Pastor Troy Murphy’s message on Sunday, April 26:

*Mary and Martha were well-to-do sisters who had a relationship with Jesus. Martha was a leader, got things done, was confident, took charge and had the gift of hospitality. Mary was a servant, follower and highly relational.

*This story is not about secular vs. sacred work. What Martha was doing to prepare a meal for Jesus wasn’t wrong. Both sisters loved Jesus and were about the ministry of Jesus.

*What Christ followers can learn from Martha is that the most important thing is not getting work done for God. Doing things for God isn’t bad, but Jesus points out what’s best.

*As Christ followers we sometimes find it hard to sit still. To move closer to God, we must sit at the feet of Jesus.

*It’s easy for us to get distracted, like Martha was. Distracted means “to be dragged away.” Martha is trying to do good, but her busy-ness and desire to get stuff done got in the way of a close relationship with Jesus.

*How many of us today are being dragged away? You need to move away from what is dragging you away from Jesus. Move away from what is distracting you from what’s important.

*God’s love for us is not dependent on what we do for Him. He loves us and longs to be with us.

*Martha said to Jesus: Don’t you care? Don’t you recognize what I am going through right now? Don’t you see me? We often will ask the same type of questions of God.

*Martha experiences anger, frustration and tension because Mary isn’t helping her. Jesus in his response says, “Martha, Martha.” The use of her name twice multiplies the effect of Jesus’ point. Jesus is fully feeling and empathizing with Martha.

*Jesus acknowledges that Martha is worried and upset, not unlike many of us during the pandemic we are experiencing. To be worried is to be torn into pieces in many directions. To be upset is to be tossed along like a capsized boat. We have feelings and emotions, so Jesus is not telling Martha to run from those.

*Jesus is telling Martha that in the midst of worry and being upset, we need to go to God with those feelings, at the feet of Jesus. We need to say: “God, I am coming to you for a sense of peace. God, I am anxious, give me a sense of your peace."

*Instead of being in a hurry to get stuff done, we need to stop and acknowledge what’s most important. Ann Voskamp says that through all our haste we think we are making up time, but in actuality we are throwing time away.

*In this story Mary has chosen what is better. Mary chose to sit at the feet of Jesus. And we should do the same. Go to Him when you are anxious and worried.

*Sitting at the feet of Jesus is not just slowing down, but stopping. It’s surrendering, kneeling, listening for what God has for you. It’s marinating in God’s word. It’s putting aside your thoughts and beliefs and giving God your heart and mind, even when you’re afraid, anxious or worried.