Green Bay Community Church

What to Expect

8:15 & 10:00am Sunday Services 

There is something so soothing about getting together with some friends over coffee. A warm drink on a cold day. A friend to talk through life. The aroma of the roast and the sense of connection with someone. 

In the Bible, the New Testament uses a term to describe this in a spiritual way - it’s called koinōnia. It means fellowship. The word was used to describe that connection with others who are like you. Other people who are in love with God.

Sitting with a friend, a family member who will listen. Someone who cares about your soul. 



When disciples of Jesus gather we are promised that He is present. In His presence we seek direction and encouragement from each other. In the struggle to learn what it means to live as Christians today we continue to gather, sing and talk about our love for God.

We are not a building, a name or a program. We are a community where people can hear God’s truth, experience His love and grace, and respond to Him with freedom. Our Sunday services are one expression of our desire to gather together. We sing, take communion and listen to teachers that help us understand God and His Truth.


We believe becoming a part of Community is not through a class but by actively declaring with your life that you are committed to being an owner, not just an attender. You, as a believer in Jesus and a part of His body, the Church, are joining the cause of Christ as pursued at Community. You join us as a part of a transforming community of families that are loving God and others. The motivation behind becoming a part of our Community family is not about what can be received but what can be given.

Welcome to Community.