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How can God use you?

by Mike Vandermause on September 03, 2019

Are you using your gift in the local church to serve God and others?

During his message on Sunday at Community Church, Ben Lenz posed that question after examining 1 Peter 4:10: Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.

As part of a sermon series entitled "Church In My Own Words," Ben was asked to share what excites him most about the local church. Here are some key points from Ben’s message:

*We aren’t functioning to our full potential if we aren’t using our talents and gifts. What has God given you uniquely that you can use to serve others?

*Sometimes we sit on the sidelines and don’t use our gift because we don’t know what it is, the thought of using our gift freaks us out, or we simply are content to maintain the status quo and not step outside our comfort zone.

*The fact is that no matter how old or young you are, if you have breath you have something to offer.

*Romans 12: 6-8 mentions specific spiritual gifts, including:

Prophet: The messenger, proclaimer, provoker. This is someone who values what’s right and holds firm to convictions about what it means to follow Christ.

Servant: Helper, volunteer, armor bearer. This is someone that values a need and taking action. They are reliable and don’t want to be in the spotlight. They are willing to jump in, get ‘er done, and often possess jack-of-all-trades abilities.

Teacher: Researcher, explainer, logician. This person values truth, accuracy, thoroughness and information. The understanding and comprehension of that information is important.

Exhorter: Encourager, connector, coach. This person values relationships, dignity, hope and brings truth to life by adding optimistic color. They are a friend to many, relate to others, find ways to build people up and spur people on.

Giver: Appraiser, multiplier, resource provider. This person values wise investment and uses cautious evaluation. Ultimately they desire to know how to best steward the resources they have.

Leader: Initiator, plan maker, plate spinner, team builder. This person values progress, taking action and change and can set the direction, create movement and orchestrate others.

Mercy: Feeler, healer, defender. This person senses what is going on with the soul of others. They want to protect others from hardship, want to alleviate suffering and they possess empathy. They gravitate toward the hurting, have compassion and show patient love.

*One of strengths of the local community found at a church is that many people bring a variety of gifts and talents together to serve God and others.

*If you sit out and don’t use your gift, you miss out on fulfillment and the community misses out also. Being part of the community is bigger than you.

*Who are you in the local church and how can you use your gifts? How does God want to use you? The body comes alive when we use our gifts. We have a choice to jump in.

Action step

If you want to learn more about your spiritual gifts, sign up for Ben's Navigate class which is being offered on Wednesday evenings beginning Sept. 18 and Sunday mornings starting Sept. 15.

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