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Worship at your workplace

by Mike Vandermause on January 21, 2020

God calls us to leave your “switch” on when we go to work. In other words, you should put on display your love for the Father and others Monday through Saturday, not just on Sunday mornings at church.

Pastor Troy Murphy examined what it means to worship in your place of work during his message on Sunday, January 19 at Green Bay Community Church. Here are key points from Troy’s message:

*God looks at our heart (Matthew 15: 8-9), not just our actions. The Pharisees were good at performing outward deeds. Jesus declared that their hearts were far from God. Your heart must be in alignment with your actions.

*Worship is offering God your body and the rest of your being. True worship is loving and treasuring God above everything in life no matter the circumstance.

*Does God place you in hard and painful experiences? Yes. God is willing to put you in tough situations for your good and for the good of people around you. If you remained in your comfortable Christian circles, how would the world ever see Him? You are called into dark, painful places to shine a light and glorify God.

*God isn’t capable of evil, but he can use it for His glory. God can use good and evil for his purposes. God is always up to something in your life.

*Some view their work places or situations as hell. In Jeremiah 29 God sent people to Babylon, a dark and evil place with an evil king. It’s an indication that God will use his people in difficult places. God places you right where he wants you.

*Work becomes worship when you dedicate it to God and perform it with an awareness of his presence, Pastor Rick Warren said. God calls you to live life where you are planted.

*Your role is to plant seeds into the hearts of those around you. God can use you for transformation, in your life and the lives of others. 

*Cause every task of your day to be a sacred ministry to the Lord, however mundane your duties, for they are a sacrament (Richard Foster).

*God commands you to let go of the future and focus on what’s in front of you.

*You may not know why you have been placed in the situation you are in, but know that God is capable of transformation in your life if you lean into those around you.

*Change the way you operate regarding your mindset about work. (Romans 12). Prosper in the space you have been given. Be excellent in that space.

*You are working for an audience of one — God. Trust that God has a plan and purpose for where you are right now.

*Don’t turn the God switch off at work. Do people at your work see God in you? It doesn’t mean wearing a Christian t-shirt or quoting chapter and verse from your bible to your co-workers. It means being loving, kind and respectful to everyone you interact with, and it means working with excellence for the Lord.