Circles return plan

Circles Green Bay return plan

• (Offer) 1/1 face to face meetings with Leaders, Allies, volunteers and resource teams.
• Model Safe and practical social distancing precautions.
• Continue to offer Monday evening Circles GB programming online using the Zoom platform.

• Continue to implement Phase One elements for meeting face to face and social distancing precautions.
• Offer a blended Monday evening format of Zoom platform broadcasting as well as face to face gathering.
• Meal provided with 6 foot social distancing in place.
• No childcare provided.

• Gather as a community providing meal and childcare rooms.
• Record programming content with guest speakers and archive for future use.
• Engage face to face with community organizations for referrals and resources.
• Leverage Zoom as an interactive tool to enhance communication and coordination with volunteers and participants.
• No more snow days; will Zoom for inclement weather.