Green Bay Community Church


Marriage Resources

At Community, we desire to help Prepare couples for marriage, Enrich a married couple's relationship, and help Restore the marriage relationship when the need arises.



A premarital process is required in order to be married at Community Church and is intended to help engaged couples prepare for the sacred journey of marriage.

The process involves meeting with an assigned mentor couple to walk through a premarital workbook and also a completion of the Prepare Enrich Assessment. 

Contact Kim Sechler at (920) 593-3477 or for more information on the wedding process. 


Marriage is one of the most exciting moments in life. We believe marriage is a lifelong covenant between a man and woman bringing glory to Jesus through their relationship. Weddings are performed by our pastors for members and regular attendees. Contact Kim Sechler at (920) 593-3477 or for more information.

Wedding Application


We seek to help couples grow in their relationship with one another by increasing marital health before a crisis and providing tools to enrich and restore trust in marriages that are wounded. Contact Sherii App at (920) 593-3481 or for more information.