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The Marriage Course


The Marriage Course (produced by the makers of Alpha) is a 7-week course for any marriage, young or old, healthy or struggling.  It’s for anyone that wants to invest in their marriage.  Think of it like 7 intentional dates nights.  You are not asked to share your private conversations with anyone else, but you will be guided through conversations about marriage through video and journals.  

Sessions cover:

  » Strengthening Connection
  » The Art of Communication
  » Resolving Conflict
  » The Power of Forgiveness
  » The Impact of Family
  » Good Sex
  » Love in Action

Ideally, you could name another couple to check in with and keep you accountable to do the course every week, but the conversations about your marriage stay between the two of you.  

So block out 7 date nights with your spouse and dive in!  

The course is FREE to Green Bay Community Church family with your complimentary Right Now Media subscription. Visit here to get set up on RNM.

Right Now Media link to watch the videos:

There is an accompanying Guest Journal for couples to use in conjunction with the course episodes. Visit to find out more information on where to purchase Guest Journals.