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Our mission is to partner with God to construct an environment that will enable His Holy Spirit to have optimal access to the body, soul, and spirit for healing.  We become the Bridge to the Healer.  We personally can’t heal, but we can help transport the veteran to the One who can. Everyone deserves the opportunity to have a relationship with God.  Sometimes the wall of burdens in a person’s life are so high that they need assistance overcoming those barriers through a bridge.  As that bridge, we are helping veterans connect with God, as well as maintain a strong connection to their Creator and Healer.

Main Objectives 

  • To provide an environment where the Holy Spirit can work on the individual directly. It is the Holy Spirit who can truly heal, so we want to help veterans focus on Him and the primary avenue of support and healing.
  • To provide an environment where veterans can feel safe to verbalize their traumatic experiences to people who know, love, and accept them unconditionally. They need not fear being misunderstood or judged.
  • To help veterans become involved in helping and serving others. Their own needs will seem smaller as they shift their attention to the needs of others.  They will learn that “the more you give, the more you will receive."