Honest Advent

25 Readings for Advent and Christmas

Awakening to the Wonder of God-with-Us then, here, and now. (From Scott Erickson's book "Honest Advent.")


Afterword: Final Advent reflections / Dec. 24

Day 25: Fear / Dec. 23

Reflection question: What fears are in your life currently?

Day 24: Need / Dec. 22


 Reflection question: Where have you experienced needed connection to other people?

Day 23: Attention / Dec. 21

Reflection question: How do you pay attention for God's presence in your life?

Day 22: Unexpected / Dec. 20

 Reflection question: Where do you find God now in areas you never used to see the Divine in?

Day 21: Breaking / Dec. 19

Discussion questions: When was the last time you moved from ideology to in carnation? Meaning, when did you move from head to heart? Or ideas to action?

Day 20: Goop / Dec. 18

Reflection questions: What parts of the Christmas celebration have become flavorless to you? What parts have still given life to you? 

Day 19: Room / Dec. 17

Reflection question: In what ways have you witnessed God alongside you and providing for you in your evolving faith?

Day 18: With / Dec. 16

Reflection questions: What uncontrollable forces are affecting your life right now? Are they destructive or flourishing? How have you been navigating them?

Day 17: Peace / Dec. 15

Discussion questions: How have you witnessed peacemakers in your life? What were the qualities of those people that stood out to you?

Day 16: Father / Dec. 14

Discussion questions: Are you an orphan to existence? What ties you here? What feels disconnected?

Day 15: Mighty / Dec. 13

Discussion question: What is the hardest part of your life right now that you want to ignore but you know you must go through?

Day 14: Counselor / Dec. 12

Discussion question: Have you ever felt a sense of "prizing" in your spiritual life? 

Day 13: Sacred / Dec. 11

Discussion questions: Have you ever been moved by "sacred" art? What was it? What happened? Tell someone the story.

Day 12: Seen / Dec. 10

Reflection questions: How have you come to know the never ending well spring inside of you? What is it like? How have you tapped into it?

Day 11: Assumptions / Dec. 9

Reflection question: What assumptions about faith, God, life have you thankfully found as untrue?

Day 10: Virgin / Dec. 8

Discussion question: In what ways have you experienced a transformation that wasn't up to you?

Day 9: Omega / Dec. 7

Discussion questions: What are your thoughts on your mortality and your eventual death? How do you talk about it with God and others?

Day 8: Breath / Dec. 6

Discussion question: What comes to mind knowing that you are not in charge of your heart beating?

Day 7: Alpha / Dec. 5

Discussion questions: In what ways have you witnessed God's detailed intention in your life? Have you been surprised by it?

Day 6: Unease / Dec. 4

Discussion questions: What is the conversation I can have only by being in this situation? What parts of your life have you been able to uncover only by finding yourself here? What unexpected place might God want to meet me in during this uneasy time that I am experiencing?

Day 5: Given / Dec. 3

Discussion questions: When was a time in your life that you received something that you didn't feel like you deserved? How did it make you feel?

Day 4: Vulnerability / Dec. 2

Discussion questions: Have you ever thought of the Almighty God as vulnerable? How have you experienced the Divine in human vulnerability?

Day 3: Motherhood / Dec. 1

Discussion question: In your opinion, what's the hardest part of motherhood?

Day 2: Light / Nov. 30

Discussion question: When do you feel like you connect with your soul the most?

Day 1: Annunciation / Nov. 29

Discussion questions: Have you ever had any kind of mystical experiences? What happened? What transformed about you?