Green Bay Community Church

Care Resources

Some seasons of life are difficult and some are very exciting. Even though we believe God is at work, we still actively love people by caring for their spiritual, emotional, relational and financial needs in any season through various resources.

Pastoral Guidance


Sometimes the stresses of life pull us down and we lose perspective and are unsure what to do. Pastors are on call daily if you need someone to talk to or pray for you. Contact Kim Sechler at 920-593-3477 or   for more information.

Care Direction

Our Care Direction team assists in spiritual, relational, and emotional conversations with individuals and families in need of guidance and/or healing. Contact Kim Sechler at (920) 593-3477 or  for more information.

Hospital | Home Visitation

Hospital and home visits are done to connect with those who can’t attend Sunday services due to health reasons or who need prayer. Contact Kim Sechler at 920-593-3477 or   for more information.

Share and Care

Homemade meals are given to help those in need pass through their time of illness, hospitalization, birth of a baby, job loss or the death of a loved one.  Contact Kim Sechler at 920-593-3477 or   for more information.


Free budget counseling and classes are provided to equip people to learn and apply God’s financial principles. Contact John Emery at 920-499-7859 for more information.



Assistance in some critical economic hardship cases may be available by contacting our office.   Please contact Jen Schmohe 593-3474 or  for more information.

Life Stages


Support for those grieving the death of a loved one.  This group is facilitated by people who have experienced loss and understand what you are going through. There are 13 sessions that include a DVD presentation and small group discussion. GriefShare is held Mondays, January 9 - April 3, 2017 at 6:30pm - 8:30pm. Located at New Perspective Senior Living, across the roundabout from Community Church. Anyone is welcome to join in at any time. Workbook is $15. Contact Kim Sechler at 920-593- 3477 or  for more information.


Support for those experiencing the difficulty of infertility is provided. Contact Amber Thompson at 920-819-3795 or   for more information.


A safe, confidential, supportive atmosphere is offered where facilitators provide structure, encouragement and Biblical teaching.  Each session includes a DVD presentation followed by group discussion. A participant workbook costs $20. The group meets every Monday, January 9 - April 3, 2017 from 6:30-8:30 p.m. Located in room 218 and new participants can join at any time.  DivorceCare for Kids (DC4K) is the curriculum used in the childcare provided for this class.  For information on DivorceCare contact Michael Miller:  .  For information on DC4K contact Lisa Graf:   Event: DivorceCare - Tuesdays


We provide both care and resources to decrease the anxiety and confusion often associated with decisions involving the death of a loved one. For funeral assistance or to report the death of a loved one, contact Kim Sechler at 920-593-3477 or  .

Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones is a support group for men and women struggling with issues related to alcohol, drug use and other behaviors that affect the quality of their lives. This group experience will provide tools to assist us to remain free of substance abuse and behaviors that impede our spiritual growth and fulfillment. For more information contact Lawrence or Pamela Nikodem at 920-217-2746.