Green Bay Community Church

Origins Group

Origins is a seven-week group experience which gives the full spectrum of Green Bay Community Church and what we believe. During the seven weeks of Origins, it is our hope that you are challenged and encouraged to examine your personal walk with Jesus and your connection in the life of the church. Throughout this experience, various topics of the faith will be discussed with daily readings to be done on your own and the opportunity to participate in a serving experience where you will live out one of our core values of loving and serving the world.

When you join Origins, it is important that you are able to attend each weekly session to experience the full picture of what life at Community Church is as a Christ follower. Origins was created with seekers, new attenders and long-time attenders in mind. So whether you are new to the faith, have followed Jesus your whole life or are somewhere in between, Origins is for you.

To sign up for a Wednesday night Origins group (75 minutes) click on a button below:

Feb 5 - March 19


Contact: Robin Nelson at  or 920-593-3470