RIPPLE Initiative


To redesign our church campus to cause a Ripple effect in our community around three key values:

Missional: Our goal is to re-purpose our facility to have a greater reach in sharing the hope of Christ and making disciples.

Functional: Our goal is to complete the facility with a high value of function, practical in use and efficient maintenance.

Communal: Our goal is to open more physical space within and around our facility to attract people and keep them on campus to encourage deeper community.

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We view our facility as a resource for our cause in making disciples and reaching the city with the hope of Jesus. The church was never defined by a building or program. We are the church and as we experience numerical, generational and spiritual growth we find our "church" community changing to better reach our city. Our plan is to build debt free with no long-term loan.


The command of Jesus to go and make disciples is our ultimate call as a church and we are pursuing every strategy to see people find that hope. Jesus modeled meeting real needs first. He revealed himself to people by providing food, protection, healing and encouragement. Our church campus is increasingly becoming a place where needs are met and people are seeing the hope of Jesus. Our legacy will not be what we build, but who we are building into with the love of Christ.


We raised money in the first phase of Ripple to build the Care Center, which houses The Giving Tree food pantry and also ministers in a variety of other ways to those in our community. Care Center construction began in April 2016 and was completed in July 2016, in time for The Giving Tree to move from its former location at Bay View Middle School to our facility for the new school year. 

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One of the compelling truths of the Ripple project is that it reflects the legacy of Green Bay Community Church and propels it forward to further draw us into relationships that allow us to truly connect, belong and grow together. We invite you to join our leaders and church family in prayer.

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What is Ripple?

Ripple is the name of the vision of Green Bay Community Church (GBCC) that refocuses our campus to more fully enable us to share the gospel of Jesus Christ and make disciples. Ripple continues the commitment our church has demonstrated over the past 48 years to use the building assets entrusted to GBCC to serve the needs of the surrounding communities. We chose a water ripple to symbolize the impact we will continue to make by retooling our GBCC campus.

What was the process for initiating Ripple?

Four years ago a team of elders, strategic team, staff members and volunteers revisited our vision and values as a church. The team discovered that the vision had not changed from the origins of GBCC.

Our vision: “We are a transforming community of families that are loving God and others.”

Our mission: “We desired to share the hope of Jesus Christ with all people in the Green Bay area and walk with them as they become a member of the spiritual family.”

The church leadership then asked: “If Community Church were to shut its doors, who would protest and why?”

This led to a nine-month study to evaluate the needs of our neighborhood and the ministries in the greater Green Bay area and the villages of Howard and Suamico. The study showed that our resources were most effectively used in reaching the community if we leverage our campus to meet basic needs, which in turn improves our ability to share the good news of Jesus Christ and make disciples.

A feasibility study was conducted by performing interviews with a portion of the GBCC community and determined that the church body would support such an effort. The church leadership hired architects to help redesign our current campus, facility and resources.

What is the scope of the project?

There are several phases for the construction of our retooled campus. The immediate focus on the first phase included:

-- Civil engineering, schematic design and construction documents.

-- Care Center (Part 1, including the recently completed indoor construction of the facility).

Additional Ripple phases include:

-- Care Center (Part 2, including outdoor entrances, signage, maintenance)

-- Coffee house and new front entrance.

-- Infrastructure upgrades including a new roof.

-- New Children’s Ministry area.

How will we pay for this?

GBCC is debt-free and will not take out a long-term loan to fund this project. Although we may take out short-term loans to cover pledged amounts, the church leadership is committed to avoiding any long-term debt. Some outside sources of funding may become available, such as grants for specific uses. These grants will be evaluated for the level of binding commitment GBCC would incur by accepting grant monies. The majority of the project will be funded by donations from our church family. The pace of construction will depend on the rate and pace of financial gifts.

What about partnerships with local businesses?

Opportunities to partner with local businesses are under consideration. We expect these would be nonprofit affiliations, but business models will be developed for any type of outside affiliation. A potential benefit for partnering with an outside business would be that any profits could be utilized to offset the increased maintenance and staffing expenses associated with the Ripple expansion.

What has happened with Ripple so far?

Several committees were developed for fund raising, project management and business development, which led to the indoor construction of the Care Center.  

The Elder Board is very involved in the project and supports the vision and direction of Ripple. Fund-raising efforts for additional phases are ongoing. 


How can I get involved?

First, we request that you would pray for this project. Please pray that what we are doing is honoring to God and this community. Pray and carefully consider if Ripple reflects what you value as a church family. Pray that we continue to achieve our financial goals. If your values are reflected in the Ripple project, then we ask you to consider donating to this project as an expression of your own values.

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