Hayden  Davison

Hayden Davison

Student Ministry Community Director

May 2015 will go down as a memorable month for Hayden. First he graduated from UW-Green Bay with a degree in history, humanistic studies and German. He followed that up by getting married to Lydia.

After working as an intern with college age students at GBCC in the summer of 2015, Hayden joined the staff in October of that year to work with middle school students. He now helps oversee Student Ministry (grades 5-12). 

Hayden was born in Sheboygan but grew up in Eagle River, where he graduated from Northland Pines High School in 2009. Prior to studying at UW - Green Bay Hayden attended one year of bible college at James River Leadership College in Springfield, Mo.  

Hayden grew up in the church and decided to follow Christ in high school. "It was the end of my junior year and something happened to me that made me really think about all of the bad decisions I was making,” Hayden said. “I made the decision to start actually living my life for Him."

Hayden likes spending time with people and is into movies, video games, comic books, running and basically playing any sport. "I’m really game to do almost anything,” he said. Two items on his bucket list are to visit Scotland and go skydiving.

When asked to share a life lesson, Hayden replied: "That you should not do things based on human perception but based on what God wants you to do."