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Aaron Scheer's step of faith

by Mike Vandermause on January 30, 2019

Aaron Scheer has learned to step out in faith and watch God work  in his life.

Aaron voluntarily stepped down from his role as pastor at Green Bay Community Church in the fall, and God’s plan for Aaron’s future became clear when on January 23 he was named president of Centershot Ministries.

"There is no way to explain it other than God,” said Aaron, who along with his wife Jennifer purchased a house in Howard during the job transition. "He asked us to trust him. We didn’t have all the answers. It was scary. It felt risky. It made no sense for us to do what we did, except that God asked us to and we trusted him. He had all this planned." 

One of the conditions for Aaron taking the job was that Centershot will move its headquarters from Minneapolis to Green Bay.

The Centershot state tournament will take place at GBCC on March 9 and will attract between 300 to 500 archers from around the state. 

"Archery is exploding all around the world,” Aaron said. "The vision of Centershot is to bring the gospel all around the world through archery.”

Aaron is excited about his new role. 

"It's so neat to use my passion for archery and my passion for leading people to Christ,” he said. "The desires of your heart, God will give them to you. I just ask God to give me his heart so my desires line up with his.” 

Aaron said walking by faith is like building up a muscle.

“This isn’t our first time having to step out in faith and trust God,” he said. "Every time you step out and let him do what he said he would do, you get a little more convinced. He is who he says he is. 

“When we look at partnering with God, he’s active, he’s moving. Just being close to him, he’s at work all around us, and there’s opportunity. But it’s being in that stillness enough to listen and hear that.”

Aaron grew up on a large ranch on the front range of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. He moved to the Green Bay area as a teenager and graduated from De Pere High School. Aaron studied at UW-Stevens Point and UW-La Crosse. He earned his Bible degree from a small Christian college in Alabama.

Aaron married Jennifer in 1997 and a month later moved to North Alabama to become a professional bass fisherman. One of his fishing buddies introduced him to Jesus Christ.

Aaron owned a tile contracting business in Alabama. He was later ordained and served as Family and Children’s Pastor at Decatur Baptist Church in Alabama, and in that role led mission trips to Africa.

He relocated to Wisconsin and served a five-year stint as a domestic missionary, including work as the Wisconsin coordinator for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

Aaron began attending GBCC in 2014 and he joined the staff the following year. He served as a small groups pastor, promotional strategist for the Global Leadership Summit and also helped with church networking and equipping throughout the Green Bay area.

Aaron stepped down from the GBCC staff to pursue the full-time development of Centershot Blue, a non-profit that provides officer wellness and community engagement programs.  That program will now merge with Centershot Ministries.

Aaron has also served as a chaplain with the Brown County Sheriff's Department and Howard Fire Department.

Aaron and Jennifer, who is on staff at GBCC as communications coordinator, have four children: Emma, Anna, Jake and Max.