What Now?

 We all long for genuine relationships. We want to connect you to other people at Community. We have organized three unique ways to help you forge new friendships and find a sense of belonging. 


Come to a GATHERING. 

Gatherings are medium-sized events organized around a common interest. These are spaces where you can get connected with others who like the same things you do.



Form a GROUP.

Leading a group can make some of us anxious so we made a way to gather with people you already know. Each Bible study curriculum walks you through the process of hosting and maintaining a group.

This Is Us

Small Group

In THIS IS US, pastor Troy Murphy and a team from Green Bay Community Church explore what it means to be part of God's family and how to grow in love for Him and others. Gather your family and friends and host a THIS IS US group in your home...

Right Now Media

Small Group

Right Now Media is a customizable video library that gives you instant access to thousands of Bible study videos and kid's episodes.



VOLUNTEER some of your time.

Working together on a team can forge lasting relationships.  Whatever your gift or talent, there is a place for you on our team.


The Family Help for the Homeless Hygiene Drive

3. GO Community Outreach

Hygiene Drive 2021: Feb 14-March 7. The goal of the 'Help for the Homeless Drive' is to supply a year's worth of product to each participating agency that serves the under-resourced population in our city.

The Lent Experience

2. On-Campus

We will be providing a space at our GBCC campus for use as a personal reflection time during the season of Lent. We are looking for some volunteers to host the room.