What's Next

 We all long for genuine relationships. We want to connect you to other people at Community. We have organized three unique ways to help you forge new friendships and find a sense of belonging. 


Come to a GATHERING. 

Gatherings are medium-sized events organized around a common interest. These are spaces where you can get connected with others who like the same things you do.



Form a GROUP.

Leading a group can make some of us anxious so we made a way to gather with people you already know. Each Bible study curriculum walks you through the process of hosting and maintaining a group.

Classic Marriage

Small Group

God gave us the gift of marriage and wants us to honor and cherish it. In this four-week Classic Marriage series, Pastor Troy Murphy and a team from Green Bay Community Church will explore what it means to have a marriage that not only stands the...

Generous God

Small Group

In GENEROUS GOD, Troy Murphy and a team from Green Bay Community Church study the many ways God has gifted us and how He’s called us to give back with our time, talent, treasure and trust.Gather your family and friends and host a GENEROUS...



VOLUNTEER some of your time.

Working together on a team can forge lasting relationships.  Whatever your gift or talent, there is a place for you on our team.


TP the Pantry


We have a wonderful opportunity to support The Giving Tree food pantry on Sunday, July 22, 2018. We will focus on stocking the pantry shelves with paper products. Our goal is to collect 1,000 paper product items!

Circles Green Bay

Community Outreach

The Circles Green Bay program has been in operation since October of 2017 and offers a weekly programming format that includes a meal, childcare and classes for adults who would like to stop the cycle of living in poverty.