Marriage is one of the most exciting moments in life. We believe marriage is a lifelong covenant between a man and woman bringing glory to Jesus through their relationship.

We hope to make your wedding day flow as smoothly as possible and will do what we can to work alongside you to make that happen. While we get very excited about the wedding, we are even more passionate about your marriage.

With that in mind, we want to invest in you as a couple before, during and after the wedding. We’ve developed a process that we hope will provide a firm foundation for a strong and lasting marriage for you. Because of this, we do not perform wedding ceremonies for couples who do not attend or have a connection to GBCC. We require that all couples go through a premarital process with a mentor couple from GBCC. This process will include the SYMBIS (Saving Your Marriage Before it Starts) book and assessment. 

If you are interested in premarital mentoring, having one of our pastors officiate your wedding, or having your wedding at GBCC, please fill out the application. Please note: GBCC does not perform weddings on holiday weekends or between Christmas and New Years.



Baptism is the next step after making a decision to follow Jesus.  It is an outward declaration and celebration of that decision. We offer baptism at various times throughout the year. If you are interested in being baptized or have questions about baptism, please email


Some seasons of life are difficult and some are very exciting. Even though we believe God is at work, we still actively love people by caring for their spiritual, emotional and relational needs in any season through various resources.


Sometimes the stresses of life pull us down and we lose perspective and are unsure what to do. Pastors are on call daily if you need someone to talk to or to pray with you. Please email


We seek to help couples grow in their relationship with one another by increasing marital health before a crisis and providing tools to enrich and restore trust in marriages that are wounded. Contact us for more information at


Medical facility visits and home visits are done to connect with those who can’t attend Sunday services due to health reasons or who need prayer. We can also provide communion for those who can't attend services in-person. For more information please email


We provide both care and resources to decrease the anxiety and confusion often associated with decisions involving the death of a loved one. For funeral assistance or to report the death of a loved one, please email