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Firstborn: Is Jesus first in your life?

by Green Bay Community Church on February 28, 2022

Is Jesus first in your life? That was the question Pastor Troy Murphy asked during his message on Sunday, Feb. 27 at Green Bay Community Church. Here are key points from Troy's message:

*Colossians 1.15 says Jesus was the firstborn of all creation. Jesus the Son is the image of the invisible God.

*Jesus is the first in all things. As a result, God's first must be our first.

*Don't be a Christian bobblehead, knowing a lot about God but not living it out.

*Why don't we make Jesus first? Fear plays a role. We fear losing control if we put Jesus first. What is it in your life that you fear you will lose?

*Revelation 2.4-5 talks about walking away from your first love, which is what you should love the most. Jesus should be our first love.

*Is your love of Jesus consuming you, or is it a side gig?

*Are you following Jesus not just with your head but also with your heart? God wants your heart.

*In Mark 4.40, in the middle of a storm, Jesus says to his disciples, "Why are you so afraid? Do you not have faith?" Your faith will reveal what's first in your life. What do you believe in most? What do you trust in most?

*Matthew 6.33 says "Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness..." Is Jesus first in all things for you?