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Honoring God in your work

by Mike Vandermause on January 13, 2020

Did you know 39 of the 40 miracles in the Book of Acts took place outside the walls of the temple?

The implication is that God is working in the marketplace and we should be doing the same in our places of work. How are you honoring God in your work?

That is the over-riding theme of Pastor Troy Murphy’s sermon series “Owning Your Everyday Work” at Green Bay Community Church. Troy introduced the series on Sunday, January 12. Here are key points to his series-opening message:

*Our work should be treated as ministry, no matter where our place of employment is.

*In Acts 3 the disciples were on their way to the temple to pray when they encountered a lame man who asked them for money. What they offered instead of money was healing for the lame man, who proceeded to jump for joy and praise God for the miracle. In their hurry to get to the temple to do their “church business” the disciples stopped outside the walls to minister to a lame man. We should take the same approach — take our faith outside the walls of the church.

*We shouldn’t reduce our relationship with God to attending church. Most of life is happening outside the walls of the church. Don’t miss the needs in your places of work. You can do ministry in those places. Do you take the same attitude at work as you do in church? Do you treat your work as a sacred place where ministry can take place?

*Whatever situation God puts you in, embrace that. (1 Cornithinas 7.17). Be a light in a dark place where God has placed you.

*We were all created to work. You have a purpose at work. Be great at what you do in your work. That will be a powerful testimony.

*Work is not the result of the fall of mankind in the Garden of Eden. If you consider work a curse, then everyone around you will be impacted negatively.

*Don't make work an idol, in which you work too much for money, power and security. Don’t trust your work more than God.

*Work should be considered a gift from God and we should appreciate that gift. Work is more than a place to make money.

*A full-time ministry job is not a higher calling than a secular job. There is no higher calling than where you are currently employed. You can honor God right where you are. Your job will provide opportunities to love others as God has called you to do. (This doesn't exclude retirees. You can minister to others in retirement as well).

*What is God’s design for your work? Use this acronym:

W-worship wherever you are
O-operate as an offering
R-trust God’s redemption (the Holy Spirit is using your life to redeem broken things).
K-knowledge of God is revealed through your actions