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Immanuel: God is with us

by Green Bay Community Church on February 21, 2022

Pastor Troy Murphy opened the sermon series "Manifesto: A public declaration of intentions" on Sunday, Feb. 20 by examining the name Immanuel that is given to Jesus. It means "God is with us" and if we claim that truth as a follower of Christ, it carries great significance in our day-to-day lives.

Here are some key talking points from Troy's message:

*Do you truly believe that God is with you? If so, is it changing the way you live your life? We can say a lot of things but not live it out.

*God is with us to love a lost world. We must feel a sense of God's presence in our hearts and souls.

*Belief is more than religion. It's a personal relationship with God.

*An "Immanuel mindset" can change the way you think of God being with you.

*Divine realism means Jesus literally lived on earth. God was really here on earth.

*Divine presence means God is everywhere present with His whole being at all times. (Psalm 139)

*Holy Spirit presence means the presence of God in us. If you have surrendered your life to Christ, God is with you. Realize that the Spirit of God is in you as a Christ follower.

*Think of God as being tethered to you in every conversation and thought. Know that God is with you through every valley.

*What does "God with us" mean for you? God is standing next to you in the fire. You can know that you will never be alone. Nothing stands between you and the God of the universe.