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It's A Wonderful Life

by Mike Vandermause on December 29, 2019

In the beginning of the Old Testament book of Ecclesiastes, the author Solomon is angry and tired and can’t find any meaning to his life. This despite the fact Solomon had more material wealth and wisdom than anyone on earth.

Hayden Davison explored the concept of finding purpose and joy in life during his message on Sunday, December 29 at Green Bay Community Church entitled “It’s A Wonderful Life." Here are some key points:

*Solomon found life to be aimless, unfair and futile. These are the same feelings experienced by George Bailey in the popular Christmas movie “It’s A Wonderful Life.” In both the lives of Solomon and George Bailey, we find two men who wonder what the point of life is all about. When you bring the wisdom of man to its logical conclusion, life can seem pointless.

*Life without God can seem arbitrary, chaotic, futile and meaningless. It’s only when you bring God into the picture that you find meaning. In Ecclesiastes 5 Solomon essentially says that our life is a gift from God. Thus, the life you have been given means something. God doesn’t do things arbitrarily. The things happening in your life happen for a reason.

*In the movie, George Bailey concludes that the world would be better off without him. But then he is allowed to see a picture of what it would have been like if he had never been born — the business he ran was taken over by an evil man, his wife never married and his kids didn’t exist. George gets to see the gift his life has been to others and the gift God has given him. God used him in ways he couldn’t imagine.

*We can find joy in our circumstances, or as it says in Ecclesiastes 5, we can find satisfaction in the tiresome labor that life can sometimes be. God never promises that life will be peaceful and wonderful all the time, but he does say we can find joy in the gift he has given us.

*God promises that in the long run, he will be with us. John 14: 1-4 says we are not to let our hearts be troubled because God is in control. God is good and will take care of us here and in the hereafter. Jesus came and died so we could be with him, to put our hearts at ease so we don’t have to worry anymore.

*When things get hard, we have to realize that God is in control. He has us even when it doesn’t feel like it. Romans 8:28 says that all things work together for good for those who know and love God. We can be blessed by circumstances and things that initially feel like a curse.

*The God who holds the universe together takes a personal interest in your life. God lives outside space and time, loves you, died on the cross so you could spend eternity with him.

*We are not going to understand everything. When you come to the end of yourself and you can’t find answers, trust and know that God is taking an interest in your life and is doing something grand with it.

*How can we find joy when we get our lips bloodied or we are treated unjustly? In the tough and hard times, we must remember that God has a plan greater that we could imagine. We can find joy and hope in Christ, who has given us the precious gift of life.