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Jesus is the good shepherd

by Mike Vandermause on July 15, 2019

Why did Jesus identify himself as the good shepherd in John 10:11?

One reason is that shepherds were commonly considered the lowest class in society, but at the same time they were used as a metaphor for kings and rules, Hayden Davison said in his message on Sunday, July 14 at Community Church.

So while Jesus identified with the lowly, he also established himself as Lord, ruler and king.

Hayden continued our summer “I Am” sermon series by focusing on the good shepherd in John 10: 11-30. Here are key points from his message:

*The good shepherd, Jesus, is willing to put himself in harm’s way to take on the danger for his sheep without regard for his own safety and well being.  Jesus is willing to lay down his life to protect his flock.

*The hired hand in this passage, meanwhile, does not own the sheep but is simply “collecting a paycheck.” When the hired hand sees a wolf or danger coming, he runs away. The hired hand doesn’t care about the sheep. In this metaphor the world is the hired hand. It deceives you into thinking it will take care of you, but in reality you will get chewed up and spit out when danger arrives.

*Whose pasture are you in today? Are you putting your trust and faith in the one willing to sacrifice his life for you, or the one who will leave you when things get hard?

*As the good shepherd Jesus said his sheep know his voice. As sheep how can we hear Jesus’ voice in the midst of an ever noisier world? The sheep know the shepherd because they spend time with him. We can actively get to know Jesus better by spending time with him in bible reading and prayer.

*Jesus opens the gate to let us all into the flock, whether Jews or Gentiles (John 10:16). There is only one shepherd and one flock.

*The role of sheep is to have total trust in the shepherd. Sheep typically do not lie down in a pasture unless they feel completely safe. We cannot find rest unless we are in Jesus’ presence.

*Jesus doesn’t promise that life will be rosy — there will be wolves and lions that come after the sheep. But Jesus promises to walk with us in the hard times (Psalm 23). He will be there to defend us so we don’t have to be afraid.

*The good shepherd offers us peace. And yet, many of us know that fact intellectually but it hasn’t reached us at the heart level. We can sometimes allow stress, worry, anxiety and heavy burdens to put up a block between our head and our heart.

*Do you believe Jesus is who he says he is? You will find rest, safety and peace in the arms of the good shepherd. Do you believe that?