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Jesus is the way, truth & life

by Mike Vandermause on July 29, 2019

In John 14:6, Jesus said: “I am the way, the truth and the life.”

Damian LaCroix unpacked that statement during his message on Sunday, July 28 at Green Bay Community Church. Here are some key points:

*Damian said he got the chance to meet George Bush in 2004, but he doesn’t really know the former president. In the same way, it’s one thing to have met Jesus; it’s another to really know him and follow him.

*Do you truly believe Jesus when he says he is the only way to the Father? We either need to accept or reject this statement in its entirety. There is no middle ground. Jesus is either a liar, lunatic or Lord.

*In talking to his disciples in John chapters 13-17, Jesus told them he would be leaving. This is not what they were expecting — their hopes were shattered. But Jesus promised to be with them in spirit and told them not to let their hearts be troubled (John 14:1). When your hopes are shattered in this life, turn to Jesus. 

*Our faith and relationships can get messy, but God sees us in our mess and displays compassion and love.

*Damian shared about a recent hike in Alaska he made with his brother. The two had a strained relationship but Damian answered God’s call to seek resolution and connect with his brother. It wasn’t easy to reach out, but Damian felt Jesus saying, “Trust me.” So Damian’s goal was to love his brother, and in the course of their trip reconciliation was achieved. Damian said that’s an indication of the power of faith and trusting in Jesus.

*If you have a troubled relationship, Jesus says to believe in him, reach out to others in love and trust that God will take care of the details.

*Damian said they had studied a detailed map and instructions before embarking on a long hike through the Alaskan wilderness. As believers we often operate that way, wanting specific directions and details. But in our faith journey we don’t always get all of the information we desire, yet Jesus has given us everything we need to know to walk on our faith path.

*Damian said the Alaskan hike wasn’t easy — his feet were blistered and they had to be on guard for bears. In the same way our faith journey can be difficult. But the reward at the end of the journey will be worth it. Damian said at the end of the hike they arrived at a beautiful setting, a place where God was able to restore his soul.

*Do you have a sense of well being, self identity and basic peace? Damian said he can only experience that because of the journey he is on with Jesus.  

*What the world has to offer is kind of like cotton candy. It looks good and tastes sweet for a short period of time. But the more you eat the sicker you get. Jesus says he will give us something totally different, something that nourishes and satisfies.

*Everyone must come to terms with whether Jesus’ truth claim is accurate. Jesus promises us life in his name. He’s the only one who can satisfy. By faith we are asked to take a step, trust Jesus, and put our faith in the character of the one making that promise.