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Relationships matter

by Mike Vandermause on February 01, 2021

When you read the book of Philippians you will find out how important relationships are in our spiritual journey. Here are key points from a roundtable discussion on Philippians on Sunday, Jan. 31, during Green Bay Community Church worship services:

*The author of this New Testament book, Paul, doesn't just acknowledge the "important" people. He recognizes "ordinary" people as well.

*Are you grateful for the people in your life? It's important in the moment to say: 'I appreciate you. I'm grateful for you in my life.'

*Am I surrounded by people who support me, who see God's work and know that I'm on a journey, who trust that God is at work in me?

*We need more people who want to draw us closer to Christ.

*Look at Paul's attitude: He longs for fellow believers with all the affection of Christ Jesus. He paused and said: 'I see a good work that has begun in you.'

*Our challenge is that if someone spends time with us, they should be drawn closer to Christ.

*Paul's mission was for other people, even in the midst of his own personal suffering. It wasn't about him; it was about others.

*Paul gave himself away for the sake of others. He was generous. Do you offer a relationship to others that is generous?

*Philippians 2.5-8 tells us to have the same attitude as Christ, to intentionally give life to others. The questions we need to ask others: How can I serve you? What do you need?

*Is the napkin of your life on your lap, ready to be served? Or is the napkin on your arm, ready to serve?

*When we complain about our circumstances, we are saying: God you are not managing my life properly.

*God teaches us through relationships, which can stretch our faith.

*Paul points out in Chapter 3 that our most important relationship is knowing Christ Jesus. All else pales in comparison.

*Paul was an encourager. Who can you encourage today? Paul was thankful for those who supported him. Take the gifts God has given you and support others.