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Restore Your Soul by living in the present

by Green Bay Community Church on September 26, 2021

Mike Donehey, co-founder of the Christian band Tenth Avenue North, led us in teaching and worship music at Green Bay Community Church on Sunday, Sept. 26.

We are in the sermon series "Restore My Soul" and Mike focused on the concept of time and the importance of living in the present. Here are some key points from his message:

*The gospel is this: you are worse than you ever imagined and more loved than you ever dared imagine.

*We spend our lives trying to excuse our past instead of owning up to it. You can own up to your own failure because Jesus died for you, but we tend to remember our faults and forget his faithfulness.

*If you have a hard time showing mercy to others, chances are you don't understand what God has forgiven you for.

*Bitterness will destroy your soul if you don't deal with it.

*God's love is meant to be a river that pours through you to others.

*God will use the thing you might hate to bring about His glory.

*Praise breaks the spell of feeling entitled. When you recall God's goodness, it has a way of unlocking bitterness and resentment.

*Learn to celebrate others instead of compete with them. Celebrate that God is using others for His glory.

*Don't take credit for your obedience and righteousness. If you do, you take grace out of the equation.
God is not counting on you for anything. He is inviting you into what He is doing.

*What's the promise you need to receive? What's the doubt you need to exhale?

*The present is the point where time touches eternity. By living in the past and future, we miss eternity right here in front of us.

*When we obsess over future we don't experience the abundant life Christ has for us.

*We don't need provision from each other as much as we need time. Give your family and friends your time -- they need that more than money.

*The secret to peace is to embrace your current circumstance as if you had chosen it.