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Sermon overview: Faith in the workplace

by Mike Vandermause on November 05, 2016


Paul Rosenow runs Trinity Worldwide Reprographics, a printing company he founded in 1989  in southern California. Paul, who is a Wisconsin native, will participate in a Q&A with Pastor Troy Murphy during services on Sunday, November 6 and talk about integrating faith in the workplace. We tend to segregate our lives. We have our work life, family life, faith life — everything is compartmentalized. We need to hear stories about people living out their faith in the business world.

Bible verse

Philippians 4:13: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Paul's key points

*God had to chisel a lot out of my life, including pride. I had to learn over a period of time that this is not my business, it’s God’s business. I don’t want my name on the top of the building. At our company we want to give all the glory to God.

*A lot of companies worry about the bottom line. We focus on the top line. For me it’s first fruits giving. What are you doing with God’s business? We give freely, openly, generously, then God takes care of the bottom line. I’m not in business to have a fat bank account. If I’m successful we’ve given it all away. We truly put it in God’s hands.

*When you come together as a group, you understand no one is better than anyone else. We all bring an equal amount of value to the team.

Discussion questions

*Do you view your job as working for an employer, or working for God?

*What are some ways you live out your faith in the work world?

*What are some struggles you’ve faced in living out your faith at work?

*When it comes to work, what is the bottom line for you? Is it the money? Status? Satisfaction? Identity? What would you like the bottom line to be?

*Have you seen examples when people at work weren’t treated equally? How did that make you feel? How can you live out the value at work that no one is better than anyone else?