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Sermon overview: Invited to resign

by Mike Vandermause on September 30, 2016


Pastor Troy begins a three-week series on Sunday, Oct. 2 entitled “Invited to Resign,” which will challenge us to shed some of the spiritual baggage we carry. Often people think they are not growing in their faith unless they are doing a list of good things. But our growth largely depends on Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit working in our lives and transforming us from the inside. In Week 1 Troy will invite you to resign from control.

Bible passage

Galatians 2: 19-21

Key points

*This series will turn conventional thinking upside down. Many believe that as Christ followers we should read the bible and pray in order to develop spiritual growth. But that posture puts us in control. We must first let God take control of our lives. When we do that there will be natural responses prompted by the Holy Spirit. Using the example of prayer, we are acknowledging that we aren’t in control and we instead are trusting a God who is in control.

*Scripture tells us that God will complete a good work in us. So what part do we play? We must first resign, or let go of trying to make things better. You don’t need to add things to grow your faith.

*Galatians 2 tells us that a great exchange takes place when Jesus enters our lives. We are no longer in charge. With Christ living in us a longing is created in our souls. That longing expresses itself through praying, reading the word, giving, getting baptized and worshipping. It’s not checking religious boxes, but responding to a leading from the Holy Spirit. 

Discussion questions

Think of a relationship that you admire (a married couple, for example). What are things you admire about that relationship?

How do you connect with others? Describe a relationship you have that you cherish. 

*What does it mean for you to connect with God?

*What things help you improve your  connection with God?

*Where do you need to resign control in your spiritual walk?