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Sermon summary: God's furious love

by Mike Vandermause on September 10, 2016


Pastor Troy’s teaching series beginning on Sunday, September 11 is entitled "Furious Love." Jesus tells the story of the prodigal son to demonstrate how furiously God pursues us, and in this three-part series Troy will unpack the story from the perspective of the younger brother, older brother and father. Week 1 will focus on the younger brother, who chooses to wander from his father.

Bible passage

Luke 15: 11-32

Key points

*The father in this story represents God, who longs to be with his children and is willing to wait for them. He loves his children no matter what they have done or are doing. The heart of God is to go after the one that is lost. Jesus hung out with sinners because he loves them. 

*Many times people have to find themselves in a pig sty before they come to their senses. Prodigals wander into a life of sinfulness and promiscuity before they figure things out. Some people use this space to come back to the father.

*The younger brother in this story wants a relationship with his father in which he can get something from him — in this case his share of the inheritance. Prodigals aren’t just people who wander into a blatantly sinful lifestyle. Prodigals are those who say, “I want this from God.” The premise is it’s about you and what you want God to do for you.

*It’s interesting that the father in this story never tried to talk the wayward son into staying. He doesn’t reprove him but instead lets him go. His love remained unconditional through his son’s wandering and leaving home.

Discussion questions

*Describe a time in your life when you considered yourself a prodigal son.

*The prodigal son wanted his share of the inheritance from the father. What are you trying to get from God in your faith?

*When someone you love wanders from God, how do you respond? Do you lean toward loving or judging that person?

*Why do you think the father in this parable didn’t try to talk his son out of leaving home?

*What is one thing you will take away from this message and apply to your life?