Table Tennis

Table Tennis at GBCC

If you're looking to play table tennis, come out to the Green Bay Community Church Chapel on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6 to 9 pm. Organizer Jerry Pahl invites all comers to join the fun.

Sept. 10 tourney at GBCC

  • Spectator Seating * Concessions * Multiple Events
  • More tables -- bigger space!
  • See the scoring and elimination brackets on the big screens!
  • Trophies will be awarded to top 3 places in each event.

When: Sept 10, 2022 (Saturday)

Where: Green Bay Community Campus, 600 Cardinal Lane, Green Bay, WI, 54313

Sign up for Sept. 10 tournament

Spaces are limited. Register early to secure your spot.

Register for multiple events.

Additional events are half price!

Day of Tournament Registration opens at 9:00 AM

***Open tournament starts at 10 am ($30 entry)

****Doubles tournament starts at 12:30 pm ($40/team)

**Recreational tournament starts at 12:30 pm ($20)

*Semi-open tournament starts at 2:30 pm ($30)

*** For advanced players who play regularly.

* (For semi-advanced players, or players who did not advance to the elimination bracket in the Open event).

** (For beginning players or who do not play regularly).

**** (All skill levels combined).

We will be playing on quality Joola Tour 2500 tables.

Tournament balls will be white JOOLA Prime 40+ 3-Star ABS balls.

Competition Format:

All matches will be best of five.

Each game played to 11 points and two serves each.

A Round Robin format will be used to determine the top players in each event with the top player advancing to the elimination bracket round.

All USATT regulations and rules apply (No white shirts).

Sponsored by Green Bay Community Campus

Spring table tennis tournament highlight video: