Dave Becker

Dave Becker


Dave grew up attending church and came to Christ at the age of 12 in response to a message that his pastor preached one Sunday. Today, he has a real passion for youth ministry, and he uses both the time in student ministries as well as on camping and canoe trips to teach, disciple and share the love of God.

Sweethearts since their high school days in Wausau, Dave and Lisa married in 1987, and they have three daughters (Laura, Ruth, and Chloe). They began attending GBCC in 1996, where he’s been involved in VBS, youth ministries and, more recently, the House of Zion.

Dave works as a software architect, but when he’s not at the office (or church), he loves to be outdoors, enjoying God’s creation and pursuing the “silent sports” of biking, canoeing and cross-country skiing. In fact, he rides his bike to work any day there isn’t snow on the ground.

When asked about a life lesson he’s learned (the hard way, apparently), he admonishes, “When ice skating on a river, always wear a life jacket.”