Niki Koltz

Niki Koltz

Worship Developer

Niki joined the GBCC staff as worship developer in 2020 and sees her role as much more than singing on stage.

"It’s my goal to help the worship team get to a place where we can more intentionally set an example for the church in regards to culture and vision," she said.

Niki loves to see volunteers take on challenges and find success.

“The biggest win for me is when a volunteer steps out and succeeds at something they may have never tried before, like a singer who has never led a song before or the song leader who has never prayed out loud before,” she said.

Niki grew up on Green Bay’s east side and after graduating from Preble High School studied biblical theology with a focus on worship and media in Rockford, Ill., as part of a Master’s Commission ministry internship.

Niki gave her life to Christ at a very young age and to this day lives by this credo: "Trust God. Period."

Niki and her husband David were married in 2007 and have two children, Cash and Carter.

She has a passion for writing music and coffee. She would one day like to travel to Copenhagen with her husband, and run a marathon.