Chad Hendricks

Chad Hendricks

Spouse’s name: Shelly Hendricks

Year married: 2006

Children: Anna 11, Kate 8, Benny 7

Occupation: President of Brand Outcomes

Hometown: West De Pere

What year did you begin attending GBCC?: 2013

When did you accept Christ? Briefly describe the circumstances: Ever since I was a child I had accepted Christ but my life pulled me away from being part of the body.  For a long time I felt distant and disengaged but still longing for God. Finally, I started listening and following God more until I felt that my actions lined up with my desire to follow.  On June 24th, 2018 I made the choice to be baptized again. 

What energizes you about serving as a Shepherd Elder:  The thoughts of doing more within the marriage and men's ministries is energizing.  I can tell that is the path I am on and so far the signs haven't changed that.  

Free-time activities: Real camping, RVing, board games, video games, learning chess.