Melanie Stimpson

Melanie Stimpson

Spouse’s name: Mitch Stimpson 

Year married: 2006

Stepchildren: Shayna 41, Ben 40, Jake 40, Andy 35

Occupation:  Retired optometrist 

Hometown: Green Bay

What year did you begin attending GBCC?: 2000

When did you accept Christ? Briefly describe the circumstances. I was brought up in the Lutheran church but was never taught about a personal relationship with the Lord. In the year 2000 I attended the Divorce Care program at GBCC. It was there that I was given the opportunity to pray the prayer to accept Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior. Since then GBCC has given me a community to guide and support me on my faith journey. 

What energizes you about serving as a Shepherd Elder? One of my spiritual gifts is serving, so when I'm asked to use my gift it brings me such joy and excitement. To be a part of this community will not only give me the opportunity, but the accountability to grow and deepen my faith. I'm so excited about the plans God has for our church and would welcome the opportunity to be an active part in it. 

Free-time activities: Hiking, traveling, kayaking, canoeing, snowshoeing, camping, gardening, time with grandkids, connecting with friends, reading, Bible studies, and cooking healthy meals.