Steve Hoffman

Steve Hoffman

Steve Hoffman married Kim, his wife in 2005. They have 3 children: Will, Tara and Kylie. Steve is originally from Medford, WI. He know works as an Estimator at The Boldt Company.

"When we moved to the area in 2013, we were looking for a church family that: invested in our children, had a great music program, and had relevant & impactful Godly teaching team."

"I was at a Christian rock concert with my parents; I was roughly 13 years old.  The band paused and invited people to come forward and commit.  Until then, I thought we were all born into God’s flock.  When I learned that we have to make a conscious choice to invite the Holy Spirit inside, I wasn’t going to miss out.  I did not want to be left behind."

When asked what energizes you about serving as a Shepherd Elder, he said: "I’m excited for new conversation with new people.  I have a feeling this will be a phase in my life that will quickly and emphatically expand my faith.  I am excited, nervous, and confident something new and irreversible will come of this.  Let God’s will be done and may God grant me the words and actions to broadcast His greatness, all while keeping me humble and thankful."

In his free time, he enjoys: camping, hunting, fishing, family yard games, socializing, fixing things, building things, watching movies, etc… "Come talk to me for more!"