Matt Kowalczyk

Matt Kowalczyk

Matt is married to Karen, also a Sheppard Elder! They got married in 2013. They share 5 children, Hunter Bolssen 23, Taylor Kowalczyk 23, Jarrett Bolssen 21, Jacob Kowalczyk 20, Alex Kowalczyk 18.

Matt is originally from Milwaukee, WI and now works as a Financial Planner. Matt started attending GBCC in 2010. 

"I accepted Jesus in April 2004. I was driving to the office, listening to Todd Agnew and surrendered my life to Him. From that point He took me through the most difficult financial time of my life. I lost everything (materially), but He needed to know that my heart was focused on Him and not money. It was a great transformation and the
restoration has been with greater purpose than Iever could have done on my own. Since then He has provided so much and my relationship with Him shapes my relationships personally and professionally."

"I am looking forward to finding different ways to serve through GBCC by connecting and doing my best to
be available."

His free-time activities look like camping, biking, playing on the worship team, motorcycle
riding and spending time with family.