Karen Kowalczyk

Karen Kowalczyk

Karen and her husband, Matt got married in 2013. They have 5 children: Hunter Bolssen 23, Taylor Kowalczyk 23, Jarrett Bolssen 21, Jacob Kowalczyk 20, Alex Kowalczyk 18. 

Karen works as a personal trainer & fitness instructor with the Green Bay Kroc Center. She is originally from Menominee, MI. She began attending GBCC in 2012.

"I was raised Catholic and attended parochial school. Ienjoyed Catholic Mass, however it felt like checking a box off my list. I never made the connection to having a real relationship with God till joining GBCC. In 2011 Iwent through a divorce and really began to dig deeper in my prayer life & seeking more. One cold winter night outside, I truly felt God's presence as I prayed and a shooting star appeared. I knew Iwas on the right path. Shortly after that Imet Matt, joined GBCC, was baptized on Sept. 27, 2015 at GBCC and my journey continues." 

"I look forward to being more involved with church leadership, sharing my experiences with others and continuing my own spiritual growth through personal connections with others through ministry."

Free-time activities include reading, crafting, camping, biking, hiking, travel and time with family.