Laura Lee Wright

Laura Lee Wright

Community Development Strategist

Laura Lee is part of the Together Green Bay Team and uses her skills to connect with agencies, individuals and families to ensure people have full access to the GBCC community and beyond.

She also facilitates The Mix Community, a weekly gathering of people who experience disability and are learning to love God and others and are mixing into the Green Bay area. 

Passionate about developing leadership, Laura Lee is also a missionary at Camp Daniel, where she and the team are teaching their campers how to be servant leaders. "We all have a place to influence and can lead where we are," she said.

Laura Lee has a strong belief that God has a purpose for her life and the people in her life. She was born with a physical disability that she said once defined who she was, but now that her identity is in that fact, she is a child of God.

This knowledge has defined her work over the last 25 years at the intersection of faith and disability. Laura Lee is a strategist by nature and has worked in non-profits and churches to ensure everyone has a place to belong.

In her free time Laura Lee reads and enjoys watching sports.