Brian Wojta

Brian Wojta

Brian is from Francis Creek and now works as a teacher for Denmark School District here in WI. 

"In approximately 2008, my wife and I started to attend GBCC because we were looking for a church that brought us together, was bible based, and had a strong children's program."

"I grew up in a small church in Francis Creek that was catholic. I never really thought much about it. My family expectation was we all attend church every week. I was an altar boy and met my expectation pretty much every week. It wasn't until I was an adult that my faith was stretched.  I was baptized at GBCC around 2016. I would say that point was my shift to really accepting Jesus as my Savior."

"As a servant gift, I love to help as the hands and feet of our church. I am excited to be part of this circle who help others grow and share life with one another."

In Brian's free time he enjoys: family time, making maple syrup, hobby farming, working on my orchard, camping, hanging out with friends and boating.