Mackenzie Wojta

Mackenzie Wojta

Mackenzie is from Tigerton, WI and her current occupation is being a stay-at-home mom, foster parent, and Homeschool Queen to all her children!

"In approximately 2008, my husband and I started to attend GBCC.  Brian was raised Catholic, I was raised Lutheran.  We were super stubborn for not “going to the other’s side”, so we found neutral, and much more beautiful, ground."

"I first accepted Christ as my personal savior in 6th grade, but then spent a very long time not following Him at all.  I was 23 when I was a young mom and finally came to the end of all my trying to lead life on my terms and decided to make Him Lord of my life."

"I love our community and have a special passion for parents and young families.  I love pouring into them and walking alongside, so I’m excited to be plugged into all of that even though it’s no longer in a professional capacity."

In her free-time, she enjoys: READING, painting, gardening, all things outdoors, knitting, drinking coffee, and playing board games!