Andrea  Titulaer

Andrea Titulaer

Andrea Titulaer (pronounced On-dray-uh)

Andrea got married to Brian in 2003, and have two children, Reed & McKenna.

She works as a project Coordinator for NHC Custom Homes & Buildings. She is also a Licensed Professional Counselor, but currently not practicing. She is originally from Clintonville, WI. Andrea started attending GBCC in 2001.

"I was born into a family where Jesus was always a part of our lives.  We went to church, I went to parochial school through 8th grade and attended Christian Universities for both my bachelor’s and master’s degrees. I don’t really have a defining moment when I accepted Christ – He’s always been with me.  But as I have gotten older and had more life experiences, I have a deeper understanding of Christ and my relationship with Him.  My life would truly be meaningless without Christ in it."

"I am excited about thi role because Brian and I have been looking for a way to. Be more involved and connected at GBCC and feel God has presented this opportunity to us for a reason.  I am excited to engage with others who also love God and hope I can be a light to those who don’t know Him or who haven’t fully committed their lives to Him."

Mostly, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, but I also love to travel.  I enjoy taking pictures and scrapbooking and reading and writing.  I am also an avid music and animal lover.