Sam Haltom

Sam Haltom

Occupation: Manufacturing Supervisor
Hometown: Green Bay, WI

What year did you begin attending GBCC and what brought you here: I first started attending GBCC around 2014. Prior to this I had been attending a Latin Mass Catholic church for the previous 8 years. I decided to look for a non-denominational church as my girlfriend at the time did not connect with the Latin Mass, and Iwanted to find a place where I could foster both our spiritual growths.

When did you accept Christ. Briefly describe the circumstances:
I have had a relationship with Christ ever since I can remember, as I had grown up in a Christian household. The long story shortened would be, I had been a passive Christian for most of my life and it took the most dramatic event of my life (going through a divorce) to finally spark me to put my life and purpose into perspective. As a result, I finally turned to God and truly accepted Christ into my life, fully. To encapsulate this time frame Ican associate it to the day I chose to be baptized (as an adult): November 7th, 2021.

What energizes you about serving as a Shepherd Elder: It is a true joy to me to be able to share Christ's grace, love and mercy with others. To serve as a Shepherd Elder simply embodies the call to disciple others and share the gospel with those who wish to hear it. Nothing is more invigorating to me than having a meaningful conversation with someone that can help draw them (and often myself) closer to God.

Free-time activities: Lifting weights, playing music (guitar and drums), filming a podcast, meeting new people.